We hope you love rewards like we do!  You're playing an important part in your culture and we want you to be part of the success.  Below are a few common answers to questions you may have about our program.

What type of rewards do you offer?

Yes! We have two campaigns that run indefinitely and will never expire! We value you as a customer and appreciate your referrals. Which is why we've come up with these exclusive programs!

  1. Earn points by referring family and friends to our website!  Just share our referral program with family and friends though Facebook to redeem points towards your next purchase.  Once you create a private account I'll automatically put a bonus 50 points into your pot of gold too.  When you're ready share the REWARD program on Facebook.  Once your friend orders you will earn 50 points and they will too!  For every 50 points earns you $5 off any minimum order of $40.
  2. Watch our for our exclusive $5 off coupon code send direct to your inbox after you leave us a review on our website.
  3. Subscriber to our newsletters to be automatically be enrolled to receive exclusive promotions.
What if my points do not register property at check out?
Don't fret! Let us know at your earliest convenience of the issue and we'll do our best to solve any malfunctions.  This will only help us improve our customer experience further.
How do I enrol for your Referral Reward program?
Once you are on our website, click on the REWARD widget either on the bottom centre of your mobile device or centre right side of your desktop screen. You will automatically be taken to our referral rewards page which will allow you to either EARN, REFER or CLAIM your points once you are registered.
Will my reward apply to shipping charges?
Nope. The value of your reward will only apply to the subtotal of your order. Exclusive shipping promotions will run during special occasions and will be sent in a form of a coupon code. Keep your eye out for this promotion that will be sent to your inbox.