I'm so glad you've decided to peek behind the scenes and learn a little more about us!  Our lifestyle is rich with experiences here at Crooked Tree.  Nurturing relationships with family, enjoying clean food and playing within nature's energy are the roots of our wholesome life.  No question, the flavours of our experiences contribute to building our unique brand.

Food from scratch

Crooked Tree was built on a dream, and in 2015 we took a leap of faith and started to share our delicious creations at our local Collingwood Farmers' Market. I think it's true when they say... "Everything happens for a reason."  I developed a balance between avoiding common allergies from helping my son's food restrictions, along with my childhood memories making fresh dishes with my grandparents.  It was my son's food intolerances that drove me to practice different methods of making tasty food without feeling left out.  Being with my Oma & Grandma in the kitchen gave me an appreciation for quality home cooked meals, while using fresh veggies from the garden.  Wholesomeness and natural flavour without the added sugar was key.  The relationship of the two has been the bread & butter of my creations.

Kitchen creations

It brings me so much joy when others tell me they love our food, it makes me feel all the hard work is worth it!  Perseverance has been the key ingredient since starting Crooked Tree.  "When there's a will there's is a way,"  and hard work ethics have been the roots of this creation.  It feels good to enrich others with our passion for making tasty food from scratch.  Working backwards helps me create good food and I always follow these three simple steps
  1. Must be as enjoyable as wine
  2. Crave another bite
  3. Make the dish for a second time.
Like I said when there is a will there is a way, and sticking to my three-step plan takes perseverance, practice and lots of passion.

Nature is good

More plant-based ingredients = good health!  But if it doesn't taste good, you won't be likely to eat it.  Whether you’re a health foodie like myself, have food issues like my son, or following a strict diet like my husband; I focus on crafting foods to meet the needs of everyone.  I personally have had my struggles over the years when searching for a treat without the bad stuff, and it quickly becomes a challenge when you want to take a break from being in the kitchen.  I love get excited about finding a treat that checks all the boxes.  So, it's time to indulge, sit back relax, and enjoy good food from our planet.

Life is full

If we're not in the kitchen you may find us among the beauty our local trails along Blue Mountains' Niagara Escarpment or the water of Georgian Bay.  Nature’s air feeds my soul and it's so much a part of our life.  I just wish I had more time to enjoy coffee with the girls!  My heart is full that you're here with me!