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We care about you and the quality of our food so were always working hard behind the scenes to offer the best service possible!  Have a peek at some general related answers we often get asked:


Q: What can I use the spreads for?
A: Our Cashew Almond Spreads Can Spread on Anything! Plus, it does so much more than cover your favourite vegetables, crackers, wraps, fresh breads! You can also add a pinch of water to use as a dip or sauce or added to pizza toppings or soups for extra flavour. I personally love to stuff mushroom caps and red peppers as well.

Q: Do the spreads need to be in the refrigerator prior to opening?
A: Yes, in order to maintain food quality and avoid food borne illness, our spreads need to be stored within a refrigerated environment and kept at a minimum temperature of 40 °F or below. We do not use any preservatives or sugar in our spreads.

Q: What is the shelf-life?
A: All products are easy and convenient nutrition for those on the go, with a remarkably long shelf-life compared to many hand-crafted, preservative free food. Our Cashew Almond

A: Spreads must be kept refrigerated at all times and have a shelf-life of three months. We naturally preserve our spreads in glass jars to seal freshness.

A: Spreads can be frozen before or after opening.

A: Crackers should be kept sealed at all times to maintain freshness and can be stored in the cupboard or refrigerator (freezing will shorten the shelf-life and distort the natural flavours).

A: Crackers have a shelf-life of three months.

Q: Can I cook with the spreads?
A: Yes! To avoid the spreads from drying out, cover spreads with a lid, wrap, foil or apply a topping to keep moisture in the spreads. Alternatively, you can add water again to thin out.

Q: Is there garlic in any of your products?
A: Yes, we have garlic powder in both Parsley & Chive, Lemon & Garlic Spreads and Garlic is in the Tuscan Cracker.

Q: How long will it last after opening?
A – Once opened spreads should be consumed shortly after opening however, clean utensils will help avoid cross-contamination with possible food borne pathogens and it will last much longer.

Q: Where is the product crafted?
A: Locally crafted in Collingwood, Ontario.


Q: What is the warranty on Crooked Tree products?
A: We stand behind our quality in every batch, however if your ever not satisfied with our food we will happily refund you.

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