Nutrition FAQs

Stephanie DeRose BaSc, RHN – Testimonial

Holistic Nutritionist
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“As a Holistic Nutritionist, I use and recommend Crooked Tree products for a variety of reasons, aside from the fact they are absolutely delicious and a locally crafted product!”

Why Gluten-Free?

Many people choose a gluten-free and/or dairy-free lifestyles out of necessity due to food intolerances or other health concerns. Others decide to consume to a mostly or entirely plant based diet for ethical or environmental reasons. Most of the time, once a more plant based, nutrient dense diet is consumed, people just realize how much healthier they feel and look! Continuing along the path to optimal health becomes easier and easier with time. You feel less like you are “missing out” on that something you may have used to enjoy, but really was not doing your body any good. For whatever reason you are seeking out nutritious and quality foods for yourself or your family, the delicious products of crooked tree foods make it so easy to enjoy decreasing or eliminating the gluten and dairy in your diet.

What do we use with the Almond Pulp?

YES! We use every bit of our almonds in the production process! The pulp that remains after making the freshly squeezed almond milk which would otherwise be composted, is used as the primary ingredient in our crackers.

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts for Almond Crackers

Ingredients & Nutritional Facts for Cashew Almond Spreads

How are some of the ways I can enjoy the spreads?

The Cashew Almond Spreads are delicious to eat simply as they are with crackers or veggies – yet very versatile to include in dishes such as curries, pastas, risottos, sandwiches, wraps and omelettes. There really are endless options!

What is the Shelf-life?

All products are easy and convenient nutrition for those on the go, with a remarkably long shelf-life compared to many hand-crafted, preservative free food. Of course an excellent snack choice for children! If you wish your kids would enjoy snacking on raw cashews and almonds… then this is the next best, if not even better, snack that they will love.

Our Cashew Almond Spreads must be kept refrigerated at all times and have a shelf-life of three months. Although we naturally preserve our spreads in glass jars to seal freshness.

Once opened spreads should be consumed shortly after opening however, clean utensils will help avoid cross-contamination with possible food born pathogens and it will last much longer.

Spreads can be frozen before or after opening.

Crackers should be kept sealed at all times to maintain freshness and can be stored in the cupboard or refrigerator (freezing will shorten the shelf-life and distort the natural flavours).

Crackers have a shelf-life of three months.

Most of the herbs were created with taste in mind but with the added bonus they contain healing, immune boosting and digestion support herbs and spices too! Spices and herbs such as Turmeric, garlic, rosemary, lemongrass cardamom and parsley – as well as other nutritional superfoods like apple cider vinegar, coconut and flax seed.

Is the food Vegan Friendly?

Ingredients are vegan, gluten-free, paleo diet approved and ketogenic diet approved – YES!

Is it all low Glycemic?

The crackers are very low Glycemic food which can prove difficult to fine in a cracker! Which means they are perfect for those with diabetes and blood sugar issues.

Why our Almond Crackers are so healthy!

They are naturally nutritious and free of preservatives, refined flour and sugars.

Why our Almond Crackers taste so amazing!

Our Almond Crackers are slow baked at a low temperature to carefully preserve all the healthy fats and benefits that nuts have to offer!

Why our Almond Milk is made from scratch?

Raw almonds are good, if you soak almonds in water they are better, then if you soak them longer they will sprout and this is best!

We use homemade almond milk from sprouted almonds, boosting their nutritional content and digestibility. Sprouting almonds actually releases an enzyme that not only helps the body use and assimilate dietary fat BUT also helps break down body fat! This enzyme, which you may have heard of, is known as Lipase.

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