No better way to have some fun with this great idea of using our Nut Dips and turning them into a Nut Cheese!

How to create Soft Nut Cheese using our Cashew Almond Dip

Monica Roe

I'm always thinking of different ways to create new ideas with my Almond Cashew Dips...  I was given this plate from a friend and I was inspired immediately!  Special occasions scream wine and good company and what better way to add to the experience is good food.  For some of us cheese isn't an option because we need to avoid dairy.  This plate felt right and placing a round block of non-dairy nut cheese on it felt even better!


You'll need:

One container of your favourite Cashew Almond Dip

A garnish for some fun colour on the sides (sesame seeds, fresh parsley, chopped walnuts, and in my case I added our Seed Topper)

Fresh cut veggies

A healthy dollop of fig & olive tapenade

One bag of our Sunflower Crisp Crackers

Now the secret to making this work is by placing your dip container in the freezer for approx. 45 mins - just enough so you can squeeze in the sides and the lid of the container doesn't stick to the dip.  Once the dip is firm, cut the container with scissors by circling the exterior of the dip.  Place upside down and voila! The dip will set perfectly on the plate and ready for all the accessories.  So the topper works and sticks let the dip thaw for a few minutes as it sets.

Let me know how you dressed up your dip, I can't wait to hear about all the different creations!







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