The perfect addition to any breakfast, lunch or dinner or snack made from wholesome ingredients.  Layers of nut sauces over diced avocado and roasted pepper on top of our Almond Bun.

Almond Cashew Layered Veggie Sandwich

Monica Roe

How can you have a protein, veggie, fibre rich sandwich? Today it’s all about colour with layers and layers of goodness.  You may be looking for a new way to enjoy those almond buns you have tucked in the freezer and now you can enjoy the all the nutrients your body is craving. 

Using my branded Almond Buns, Almond Alfredo Sauce and Cashew Pesto as the primary ingredients to create this delicious snack. If you don't have roasted peppers I recommend any vegetable that's easy to eat and stack on a sandwich (Roasted Eggplant, Zucchini or add raw spinach!) and if you plan to reduce the amount of healthy fats served replace the avocado with raw cucumbers! Super-fast and easy to prepare to get your daily dose of nutritious for every occasion to a meal or snack for the day.

More healthy facts about almonds:

History buff? Aside from being a symbol of hope and good fortune, it is also still believed that almonds can help to bring about fertility! Read more here: 



1 Almond Bun 4oz Almond Alfredo Sauce 4oz Cashew Pesto Sauce 1 Roasted Bell Pepper 1/2 Avocado.



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